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Aristo Pharma is registered with the Municipal Court in Prague; section C, entry 154699

You may report possible side effects of medicinal products from Aristo Pharma s.r.o. to the State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC). Forms and contact details can be found at the SIDC website: http://www.sukl.cz/nahlasit-nezadouci-ucinek. If you would like to report a possible side effect directly to Aristo Pharma s.r.o., please contact us by e-mail at phv@aristo-pharma.cz or on our 24-hour telephone line +420 774 808 903.

Aristo Pharma s.r.o.
Aviatická 1092/8
161 00 Praha - Ruzyně
Tel.: +420 603 109 312 (kancelář)
Tel: +420 724 380 910

e-mail: info@aristo-pharma.cz

IČO: 28942221
DIČ: CZ 28942221